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Working with Horses at Bend Counseling

Working with Horses: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Bend, OR

Horses have a special relationship with humans. They share with us a primary need for living in a social group. As herd animals they are automatically tuned in to what others are doing. Also, as prey animals, they must always be on the alert for predators who might want to eat them. They are ultra-sensitive to every kind of energy around them, and have devised a means of communicating among themselves silently through body language. As a result, they are able to read the energy and body language of humans, tuning in to us and our emotions, even when we may be unaware. They offer us this gift of mirroring and emotional honesty, which can quickly enhance the healing process for individuals, couples, families and groups. 

Equine Assisted EMDR at Bend Counseling

The preparation phase of EMDR involves learning to ground the client in the present moment, while accessing memories from the past. Equines naturally ground us in the present moment, provide healthy attachment energy, offer powerful resources for managing and changing difficult emotional states, identify unprocessed thoughts, feelings and sensations, and offer immediate validation as issues are addressed and resolved. It is a powerful modality for resourcing, keeping us in the present moment, while dealing with traumatic memories.

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